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Public Art Monday: Intersected Passage at Dallas Love Field

On Mondays, we share our favorite public art installations from Houston and around the globe with you. We believe passionately in the transformative power of public art for both the individual and in communities.

This week, we’re heading north on interstate 45 to our neighbor and, as some might say, in-state rival, Dallas. The City of Dallas boasts an impressive public art collection of more than 300 works. These works include sculpture, light installations, paintings and more by local, national and international artists, located in nearly every pocket of the city. Our pick this week comes from the Love Field Art Program.

The newly renovated Love Field Airport is the perfect canvas for public art with a constant influx of visitors and wide-open spaces in which to display large scale art works. The Love Field Art Program aims to showcase local talent (45% of the artwork is created by local artists) and build on themes featuring Love Fields history and legacy.

Our public art pick this week is Tom Orr’s sculpture Intersected Passage. Orr notes “Growing up in Dallas, I have witnessed much of the development and evolution of Love Field. Strong in my visual memory of those experiences is the entrance sign that used to be on Mockingbird Lane. Because of the modern Mondrian quality of that sign, I always identified the airport with a strong contemporary design. For me it set the tone and told the public that Love Field was forward looking and aware of its importance.”

Join us next Monday for more public art!

Image credit: tomorr.net