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Art of the loom: Fine art textiles of Yann Gerstberger drive international excitement

Who: Artist Yann Gerstberger, born in Cagnes sur Mer, France, lives and works in Mexico City. He received his BA from Beaux Arts de Nantes and his MA from Beaux Arts de Marseille. His fresh, extraordinary work has recently been picked up by Galerie Perrotin.

About the artist: His work has been shown in both solo and group exhibitions around the world including Tonus in Paris; ARCO in Madrid; Michael Jon Gallery in Miami; Material Art Fair in Mexico City amongst many others.

What he is known for: Gerstberger is known for his use of tapestries and textiles to comprise his artwork. He uses large tapestries consisting of thick strands of dyed mop-head-like materials in an array of colorful shades. The woven technique brings life and depth to the wall on which they are displayed. There was a flurry of excitement and sales in Art Basel Miami Beach at Sorry We’re Closed’s booth by seasoned art collectors and advisors.

What’s being said about him: In an article from Art-O-Rama, Marseille International Fair of Contemporary Art, Francois Aubart writes about Gerstberger’s work:

“Yann Gerstberger navigates in an environment where the disciplinary frames have lost their raison d’être. Thus, he applies the DIY statement which claimed that it only took an instrument and a few chord knowledge to become a musician. Nonetheless, Yann Gerstberger does not apply this self-production manifesto to tools but to objects. It is within his own museum, his own beliefs, and his own relationship to the world that the artist composes with the signs that are at his disposal. He seems to celebrate a form of sign autonomy within a world where customization has become a way of life.”

Photo: Yann Gerstberger cotton yarn dyed with cochineal extract and synthetic dyes sewn on recycled vinyl banner. Photo courtesy of Galerie Perrotin.

Watch this interview with the artist:

Yann Gerstberger Interview from miravus on Vimeo.

 Photo gallery: