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Art + Community: Cary Reeder at GreenStreet

Every art program should feel intentionally curated to its site and audience – we make this commitment to each of our projects. Honestly, nothing makes advising more rewarding than when, as just happened, our client says, “It feels like it was made just for us!”  Spaces can feel so very relevant, natural and fresh when activated by rotating exhibitions and this is especially interesting when we introduce artists from our very own community.. 

Enter: GreenStreet, the renewed, hip mixed-use block in the heart of Downtown Houston – you will want to go for live music, al fresco dining, and an active urban setting. What makes the design truly special? It celebrates organic elements and local makers. So, naturally, when we were approached to sizzle up the lounge, we knew it would be important to include artists from the Houston community. 

We turned to thriving cultural partner Sawyer Yards, hosting an open call to celebrate our city and highlight our homegrown talent. From a multitude of engaging submissions, we selected the work of Cary Reeder as GreenStreet’s first exhibition.

Cary’s canvases communicate a vibrancy that is especially fitting for the innovative vibe of GreenStreet. Her sense of color, organic forms, and three-dimensional layering technique provide an unexpected picture plane. An energetic grouping of seven (!) paintings animates the entire space and exemplifies Reeder’s classic practice. Even virtually they are powerful.

Cary Reeder’s artwork will be on view until November. Just a taste of the exhibitions to follow at GreenStreet. Happy viewing!