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Reseeding at CityCentre Houston

  • Type


  • Artist

    Christian Eckart, Cindee Travis Klement, Dornith Doherty, Bruna Massadas, Rachel Livedalen

  • Date

    Spring 2024

  • Location

    CityCentre 2, 3, 4, and 5 Lobby

Delighted to share with you the spring 2024 exhibition at CityCentre, “Reseeding”, which prompts deep reflection on humanity’s influence on the natural world. The exhibited artwork urges us to envision a utopian future where our impact is positive and mindful choices lead to a harmonious coexistence with nature, inspiring a collective commitment to a sustainable future.

On exhibit until September 2024, the lobbies at CityCentre are open to the public M-F, 8 AM – 6 PM

CityCentre 2 Front – Christian Eckart
CityCentre 2 Back – Cindee Travis Klement
City Centre 3 – Dornith Doherty
CityCentre 4 – Bruna Massadas
CityCentre 5 – Rachel Livedalen

Photography by Nicki Evans

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