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Mosaic of Light by HYBYCOZO at Discovery Green

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  • Date

    November 2021

  • Location

    Discovery Green

For this installation, we were guided by Discovery Green’s goal to present awe-inspiring art installations that heighten the celebratory atmosphere of the holiday season. We developed this project with the talented artists of HYBYCOZO to celebrate the beauty of geometry, pattern, and light – but also to celebrate what makes our city unique.

The installation includes two locally-oriented sculptures, designed with imagery from Houstonians’ answers to the question: “What shapes evoke Houston?” From the many submissions received, HYBYCOZO created a new and unique pattern inspired by Texas magnolias, a five-pointed star, the Mexican art of papel picado, and the geometry of Houston’s Downtown architecture. These larger-than-life sculptures also shine a light on the diversity and vibrancy that exists within our community. As Barry Mandel, president of the park expressed, “There is no better metaphor for Houston’s diverse culture than a ‘mosaic of light.’”


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“Mosaic of Light” by HYBYCOZO creates new ways of seeing shape, light, and shadow in an immersive art experience at Discovery Green. The 24 sculptures of this site-specific installation are like gold jewels during the day, capturing the sunlight that filters through the oak tree canopy. After dusk, the sculptures are illuminated from within, expanding the intricate geometric patterns beyond the surface of the sculptures in a halo-like effect.

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