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Kill Joy Mural

  • Type


  • Artist

    Kill Joy

  • Date

    Spring 2022

  • Location

    CityCentre Houston

Kill Joy (local Houston street artist with an international following) designed this mural for a high-traffic space in a very popular Houston destination around the theme of honoring the earth, promoting environmental care and with a nod toward social justice.

With its bold block-printed outlines and rich colors, the mural leans into conversations of art history and environmental awareness. Two figures, protected by a glen of vibrant blooms tenderly contribute to the world before them. The viewer is struck by the ability of the artist to create an incredible richness of texture and form in a two-dimensional medium.

Elements of the artist’s heritage (of Philippine descent, growing up in south Texas) are strongly visibly present in her work. Obvious in her practice is a history of storytelling and interpretations of world mythology and ancient symbols – both of which are magically relevant today.