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Houston Endowment Permanent Art Collection

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  • Artist

    JooYoung Choi, Jamal Cyrus, Julie DeVries, Mark Francis, Sherry Tseng Hill, Julia Barbosa Landois, Rick Lowe, Delita Martin, Ami Mehta, Kate Mulholland, Phillip Pyle II, Preetika Rajgariah, Gerardo Rosales

  • Date

    Fall 2022

  • Location

    Houston, Texas

Houston Endowment has long supported and admired the vibrant arts community in Greater Houston, which celebrates our diversity and strengthens our connections to one another.

Houston Endowment’s permanent art collection was initially curated in conjunction with the move to their new headquarters at 3683 Willia in 2022. It reflects a bold curatorial vision to celebrate acclaimed local artists, lift up emerging artistic talent, and reflect the diverse stories and perspectives of Greater Houston’s people and communities.

All Photos by Lawrence Elizabeth Knox

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Houston Endowment approached Weingarten Art Group to discover and curate the permanent collection for their new headquarters. Featuring fourteen Houston-based artists, this collection reflects the civic engagement, education, and care for Houston that the Houston Endowment has long supported since its foundation in 1937.

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