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Experience Italy while walking on water

For 16 days this summer, take advantage of the magnificent experience of walking on water in Northern Italy courtesy of Christo and Jenanne-Claude’s latest art installation— The Floating Piers.

The installation is available to the public from June 18 to July 3, 2016, has been created on quiet lake Lago d’Iseo.

The installation is 3 kilometers long consists of 100,000 square meters of glistening yellow fabric atop a modular floating dock system of 220,000 high-density polyethylene cubes that rise just above the surface if the water. The Floating Piers invites visitors from all around the world to walk on water and take in the beautiful surrounding sites. Due to the way it was created, you can feel the undulating waves while standing on the Pier.

Christo told the New York Times:

“The project, he said, ‘is all this’ — the piers, the lake, the mountains, ‘with the sun, the rain, the wind, it’s part of the physicality of the project, you have to live it.’”

Christo and Jeanne-Claude have a history of creating projects in Italy, and like all of their projects, The Floating Piers is free and accessible to the public 24 hours a day, weather permitting.

After the exhibition is over, all components will be removed and industrially recycled.

 Photo: The Floating Piers. Photo courtesy of Weingarten Art Group.